Magik oarlocks

Advances in engineering and materials in rowing have allowed for lighter and greater performance within the realm of boat design. A technologically advanced oarlock system is essential in keeping up with the changes in the current hi-tech, high performance approach to our sport. MK-1  oarlocks  match these technological improvements. Up until now, rowing efficiency has been reduced due to  constant movement of the oar in the existing oarlock.

The  MK-1 Evolution oarlocks solve the efficiency reduction of regular oarlock systems. The MK-1 Evolution oarlock completely eliminates any sideways movement while complying with all codes of the technical and regulatory requirements (set down by FISA):

  • Not to modify the rower's customary actions
  • A standard internal diameter able to fit all oarlock designs
  • Adaptable to all available sleeves
  • Interchangeable without any modification to the axial pin
  • Rotation to be as easy as that of the old system
  • Easy on the wrist action (white and/or yellow tension bands)
  • Affordable in price

The MK-1 Evolution successfully absorbs the movements and shocks, but also emphasises effectively the tension arm immediately locks the oar into position after the finish. This allows the rower to improve stability and balance and generate full power from the catch. Boat stability is greatly improved  as movements are absorbed and are not destabilising the boat’s hull. Thus allowing the rower to be in touch with his/her boat, enjoying better support,  sensitivity to boat action and boat speed.

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