A great company with a passion for rowing

As a child of two rowing parents, the path for Peter Klomp was more or less paved. His first stroke he made at the age of fifteen. When he was a student at Vidar his first international success resulted in two world cup participation as a lightweight rower. Meanwhile, Peter's experience as a coach, gained, after his rowing carrier he built that. And t with great success. So, he coached the lightweight eight of the Netherlands at the world cup of 1999. At the Tilburg rowing club, TOR Peter accompanied the Dutch international rowers Daan Klomp and Jort van Gennep.


At an international tournament, Peter met a chairman of the Chinese rowing federation. He started the company Waterline and imported the first boats from China in 1995. Since then a lot of improvements were made to the Chinese boats and together they managed to make a complete range of high-quality and easy-use boats to deliver the innovative brand Swift.


In addition, boats from Janoušek and Stämpli and oars of Braca are being sold. With racks for oars and boats, there is a complete range of products for the rower.


All in all, Peter has over 40 years of experience with rowing, coaching and repairing boats. He remains in constant dialogue with an international network of experts and is constantly seeking innovations.


Clubs that come knocking at Waterline will be surprised because of the costum made solutions for the specific situations. The knowledge, experience and innovative solutions by Peter makes it possible for clubs to enjoy the beloved rowing as optimal as possible.