With over 2,000 boats produced per year, including OEM production for major paddlesport companies, and almost 30 years of boat production experience, we are proud to introduce an exciting mix of our own new designs and some proven kayak designs for a wide range of paddlers.

All designs are by Rob Feloy, who has been designing and manufacturing canoes and kayaks and small craft for decades. From Ocean Crossing Kayaks to recreational boats, his designs are some of the most popular in use today.

Combining our joint expertise, manufacturing and distribution capabilities we offer a great range of kayaks, with superb quality manufacture at competitive prices. We are able to ship small quantities economically to most places in Europe, N America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand by combining with our regular shipments to these places.

We have kayaks in stock.

IMG_0532_1272069971 Kayak - Waterline Equipment