RIGGER_BAG Customized trestles - Waterline Equipment

RiGGERBAG has its origins in the search for outrigger bags that are above all robust and durable. The material properties of "truck tarpaulin" and the three-layer Cordura fabrics specially produced for RiGGERBAG meet these requirements. They enable creative and individual solutions. All of our fabrics and zippers are "Made in Germany".

Attractive design, the best materials and solid workmanship make your outrigger bag and your folding trestle a practical, robust and unmistakable companion, whether at the boathouse or on the go.

RiGGERBAG sews exclusively on site in Berlin. In this way, individual pieces and also small series can be implemented in direct contact and flexibly according to customer requirements, and the products can be quickly developed further or “tailored”.

Our aim is to offer unique products that are first and foremost able to meet your requirements, high quality, functional, durable and of course visually appealing ... all at a good price-performance ratio. If something is not to your satisfaction or, despite proper handling, is unexpectedly broken, please contact us, we will then work on a quick and satisfactory solution.

We look forward to your inquiry and idea, and would be happy to make you an offer!

Marc Swienty, RiGGERBAG

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