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These general delivery terms and conditions of Waterline Equipment apply to all matters and agreements relating to our customer , which concern the sale, delivery and payment of our services and articles.

Our promise

We believe it is very important that the products we deliver are of good quality and meet the reasonable expectations of our customers. If something is not right or does not meet expectations, please contact us as soon as possible to find the right solution. 
Prices: all prices quoted are in € euros and include VAT unless otherwise stated.

Shipping costs :

I fa costs are calculated, this is stated in the quotation or when attached to the shop

Offers and quotations :

No discounts are granted on the prices stated, unless explicitly agreed in writing. Tenders made only apply to the quantities and versions of the tender and are only valid for the party to whom the tender is addressed. All written offers are valid for 30 days unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Payment :

Payment in the webshop: only online, unless otherwise agreed. For delivery on account: payment no later than 10 days after invoice date. If both parties have agreed on a different period, the period stated on the invoice applies. Waterline Equipment can demand payment in advance at its own discretion. Waterline Equipment requires payment before delivery, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

Delivery :

Waterline Equipment basically supplies throughout Europe. Waterline Equipment is not liable for exceeding specified delivery times. Claiming compensation for late or non-execution of an order is excluded.

Invoicing :

The invoices from Waterline Equipment will be sent electronically, unless otherwise agreed.

Warranty :

Waterline Equipment assumes no liability for direct or indirect damage caused by errors and / or defects in by Waterline Equipment supplied items. Waterline Equipment guarantees that the delivered products can do what can reasonably be expected of them. If the customer believes that he has a defect or problem that needs to be rectified under the warranty, the customer must report this immediately but at the latest within 8 days after the defect or problem arises.   Make Waterline Equipment known. If desired Waterline Equipment require the item to be sent to the address of   Waterline Equipment for evaluation.

Different warranty conditions apply to boats and belts, these are included in the quotation and invoice.

Important to know when it comes to warranty for boats and belts:

Belts: Belts are designed to propel rowboats across the water. Damage as a result of collisions, collisions, pike, transport, or 'full force' rowing with less than the rowers present in the boat (so-called ' tubs ') are not covered by the warranty.

Boats: Damage as a result of collisions, collisions, pike, transport, or rowing 'at full power' with less than the rowers present in the boat (so-called ' tubs ') are not covered by the warranty.

Liability :

Waterline Equipment is not liable for any damage or injury resulting from use of the products. Neither is Waterline Equipment liable for any damage resulting from a defect or other problem with the products.

Repair :

This applies to all articles Waterline Equipment can determine at its own discretion whether a defect covered by the warranty is remedied by repair or replacement of the article in question. Transport costs to and from the place of repair are for the costs of the customer unless explicitly agreed otherwise.  
Waterline Equipment does not have to provide a replacement item for the duration of the repair. Even if the nature of the repair requires that the item be returned to the manufacturer for repair.

Repair or replacement time :

For all products except boats, the customer can expect that they are repaired or replaced within a period of 30 days. For boats, a period of 30 days plus the standard delivery time for these products applies at the time that the problem or defect is made known to Waterline Equipment .

Advertising :

If the customer is not satisfied with any part of the articles, belts or boats received by him or the invoice, the customer can submit a written complaint against this within 8 days of receipt. Advertising rings no rights derived are not writing or late. Submitting a complaint ring does not relieve the customer of his payment obligation.

Returns / Revocation :

If you do not wish to purchase a product for any reason, you have the right within 14 days of delivery   terminate the agreement by the product   Waterline Equipment to return, or send us the completed return form send and return the product within 14 days. In this case, return shipments are only accepted if the product has not been used and the original packaging of the product is undamaged. By Waterline Equipment any matteralready received payment including shipping is later than 14 days after the   receipt of the product   reimbursed. The direct costs of return shipment are for your account. We recommend that you insure the product upon return.

Returning and canceling special products manufactured according to customer requirements:

Products such as belts and boats manufactured specifically to customer order, are excluded return requirements of the standard. An order for these products is irrevocable once the manufacturer has started the production of the ordered items.

Retention of title :

The delivered goods remain the property of   Waterline Equipment until the full purchase price and (possible) additional claims under the purchase agreement have been paid for the purchased product. The customer serves on resale (= resale) of products with written permission from   Waterline Equipment .

If   Water Line Equipment provides a rent or a product view, the product remains at all times the property of Waterline Equipment . If the customer proceeds to purchase, the product remains the property of   Waterline Equipment until payment of all claims against the customer for whatever legal basis has taken place. Warranty period starts from the moment the product was first present at the customer 's premises . The customer will take care of the products during the entire period until payment is received as a good 'host' and also insure these for transport and damage .

In the case of lease purchase, an appointment is made in advance between the customer and Waterline Equipment about the term of the lease and the purchase agreement. After the lease agreement has expired, Waterline Equipment will send an invoice with the remaining amount to the customer.

Deviations :

Deviations from these general terms and conditions are only then   Waterline Equipment is binding if Waterline Equipment has explicitly acknowledged that deviation in writing.

If the customer's purchase terms and conditions deviate or conflict with these general terms and conditions, only the latter terms and conditions apply. Even if the customer invokes his conditions and   Waterline Equipmenthas not explicitly contradicted this in that particular case.

Counter confirmations from the customer that deviate from these general terms and conditions are for   Waterline Equipment only then binding if   Waterline Equipment has explicitly acknowledged this in writing. These general terms and conditions also apply if parts of it for whatever reason would not apply.

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